Minggu, 29 Agustus 2010

mission accomplished...

some days ago, I've got my thesis exam.. and alhamdulilah I've passed the exam with some revision in.
I feel so happy since i've been waiting for more than 3 seme
ster since I write my thesis..
thanks so much for my friends who support me... luph u all...
and for all bemsters. I know we can do all those hard things.. we just need effort, patience, pray, pray, and pray to Alloh. CHAIO gurls!!!

some candid pictures that were taken by my bf between the preparation of my thesis presentation...

Senin, 02 Agustus 2010

LegGings inFASHION

well now, i'd like to share a lil about what i like nowadays... it's all about leggings.
i like wearing leggings for now. for the first time, i like jeans very much 'n say no to legging. but now.... heyhey... i change my mind. i like wearing leggings rather than jeans. perhaps it's because of the materials. for now, i like printed leggings. it will help us to make our plain top colorful and attracting.

there are some tips on how to wear printed leggings on
the right way...
use it with plain top. don't wear printed legging together with printed top. it will make us "too much".
we can wear printed leggings together with loose top, dress, skirt, etc, just wear it as fun as we want. don't forget to choose the plain one.
if your leggings have much shocking color, you can make it calm with wearing nude-color top. or you can choose one of the leggings' color for your top.