Selasa, 01 Juni 2010

BB cream

BB cream is popular for about some years, but there are still many people ask me about what BB cream is. Well, BB Cream... add this word into your make-up vocabulary bcoz it's getting pretty wide spread now.

The BB stands for Blemish Balm. I think now you can imagine what BB cream is. It is getting extremely popular in asia and now it's getting more and more exposed in the west too. From what i've read about it, it all started in Korea where an actress had undergone laser surgery.and the BB cream was in fact part of her daily use as cover-up as well as treatment process to recovery. It was said to be a miracle cream and because of her testimony, BB cream had become highly sought after.

The difference between BBcream and other make-up applications is that it is a skincare/healing product combined with make-up. While regular foundation liquid does nothing to your skin , BB cream is supposed to do wonders to your skin while covering up. There are many types of BB cream. Some is said to have anti aging properties, whitening properties, etc.all of them works as moisturizer, sunscreen, make-up base and also as foundation. So that's the greatness about BB cream, apart from make-up to cover up your is also said to be a healing cream.though you should still stick to your regular skin care regime.

BB cream can be used as a make-up base before foundation, Or for daily use, it can be used without applying the foundie after it, becoz it already has tinted color.

From what i've read, there are couple of well known brands that do carry BB creams in their product range. I've heard that BRTC BB cream is one of the best. Other than that, Missha, Skin79, the Skin Food, and Etude also get good testimony from the users.

Mushroom BB cream from The SkinFood